iRess: IT Graduate / Internship Opportunity

During the duration of this 12month fixed term graduate programme you will be exposed to all sectors of our business through a comprehensive and technical rotational programme. You will be empowered and technically trained in the following areas:

  •  Business Soft Skills
  •  Software Development
  •  Software Testing
  •  Technical Support and Implementation
  •  Operations
  •  Networking and Shared Services
  •  Project Management
  •  Industry Specific Professional Certifications

Requirements: Core Skills, Knowledge and Attributes

  •   Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent qualification related to Information Technology, Computer Science or Information Systems
  •  High Proficiency in Microsoft Excel  Prior Experience/ coursework or strong knowledge and understanding of the financial markets
  •  Keen interest/knowledge of information management/technology, product development and problem solving
  •  Candidates to possess at least one of the following skills would have a definite advantage:
  •  Knowledge in information technology or statistical analysis or computer programming (for example VBA, SQL, MATLAB, Python)
  •  Effective project Management skills and ability to prioritise tasks accordingly
  •  Experience in Customer Service or Client Relationship Management
  •  Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  •  Ability to present yourself in a competent and professional manner to the client at all times
  •  Conscientious approach to delivering results
  •  Active participation and proactive attitude to service delivery
  •  Ability to prioritise competing responsibilities
  •   Demonstrate lateral thinking skills
  •  Demonstrate a broad approach to problem solving
  •  Ability to work efficiently and meet all deadlines
  •  Show enthusiasm towards learning
  •  Attention to detail
  •  Team Player


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