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Online resources for continued learning during school closures

Parents are naturally concerned and perhaps even anxious about the impact that school closures will have on their children’s educational progress during the COVID-19 pandemic. While many schools and dedicated teachers across the country have committed to continuing lessons online for learners in primary and high school, parents looking for additional peace of mind can find it online.

Thanks to the wealth of educational material available online – from apps to YouTube lessons and more – parents can help to minimise the disruption caused by school closures, ensuring their child takes advantage of every learning avenue available to them through digital platforms. 

“With the help of an unlimited, reliable, super-fast fibre connection at home, learners and their parents can minimise the disruption brought about in the wake of COVID-19, and make the most of this time,” says Lianne Williams, mother of two and head of Marketing at Vuma.  

Here are a few resources to consider and introduce to your children while at home.

  1. Free subscription services

Many apps, educational products and services are offering free access to their platforms due to school closures. One of these includes Audible, an audiobook service that has made hundreds of books, podcasts and learning materials free to stream on desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets throughout this time – no logins or payment information required. Students can access study guides on a number of subjects, including English set work such as poetry and literature, as well as language studies.

  1. Interactive e-learning 

There are many e-learning platforms that have been made available for learners from Grade R to matric, including Vodacom e-school, a learning site dedicated to ensuring learners are able to continue their classroom lessons at home. The site offers access to interactive online lessons, assessments and even practice mock exams designed to keep learners from falling behind in the work. Parents can teach their children to access the platform here, for free.

  1. Time management

major concern for parents is effective time management when it comes to how their children manage their days of learning while at home. Parents can find a range of organisation and time management tools online that support them and their children to schedule time for study, learning, practical work, play and rest.  Various online sites also feature monthly calendar printables to help parents stay on top of the entre family’s schedules and ensure lessons and studies are being managed properly.  

The ‘new normal’ we all face over the next couple of weeks does not mean learning needs to stop – in fact, it’s an opportunity to ensure your child stays ahead of the educational curve while spending time at home, putting them in good stead for achieving learning outcomes and securing a brighter future.

Fibre to the home offerings from Vuma and its wide network of Internet Service Provider (ISP) partners ensures that the online learning experience is as effective and enjoyable as it should be. Additionally, from the 1 April 2020, Vuma along with participating ISP partners will be upgrading the line speeds of its existing users on the network at no additional cost to enable seamless educational (and entertainment) services.  

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