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Remote working Do’s and Don’ts

Are you used to working in the office and now finding it hard to adjust to working from home? You are not alone!

The COVID 19 outbreak has caused an abrupt shift in not just the way we live but also in the way we work. With more than 1500 reported cases in South Africa and over a million worldwide, many companies had allowed their employees to work remotely to help curb the spread of the virus. Remote working isn’t new to some of us, however many of us are having a difficult time adjusting to the sudden change and having to deal with the anxiety that comes with not knowing how long the situation is going last.

If you are one of those worried about the transition and you’re struggling to tackle the right balance between work and home lifestyle.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that will help you maximize the benefits of remote working, while making sure that you’re successful in maintaining your work and your lifestyle:

1.Designate a workplace

Working in bed can tempt you to relax while working in the living room can be destructive. Having a space to work and staying organized is a key factor in how to your efficiency and productivity. Therefore, create a designated destruction free and clean home office to create an office mindset.

2.Set clear working hours

Remote working gives you the advantage to manage your time effectively and the ability to work when you’re at your most productive. You get to set your working hours and stay committed to those hours. A clear time plan and separate space will help you separate your work and home life.

3.Do stay connected

We live in a digital age; technology advances have always made it possible to stay connected. Maintain connection with your office using instant messaging, video conferencing and other tools to constantly keep in contact with other coworkers, and managers, and to stay updated with work expectations.

4.Don’t work in your Pajamas

Working from home can tempt you to become lazy and work in with your pajamas on. Instead, wake up and taking care of your appearance as if you were going to the office will help you get into the work mode. You don’t want to get an unexpected Skype or a similar video-chatting platform from work and be looking like you not professional. Take the time to get dressed and look professional.

5.Don’t allow distraction

Avoid long calls and chatting to friends instead do that during your break or in the evenings. News is the biggest distraction right now. Though it is good to stay informed, checking the COVID-19 updates can make you anxious and leave you completely distracted, you can always do this in the evening. If you have a family communicate with them and set boundaries to minimize distractions during your working hours.

Remote working has its obstacles, but mostly it just requires discipline, resourcefulness, and creativity. Until the Coronavirus is under control, we need to practice social distancing and stay away from crowded offices to reduce the likelihood of transmission. Using these tips for remote working can boost your productivity, efficiency, and wellbeing. Keep in mind that everybody works differently, and it will take some time to find a structure that works best for you.

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